Awards Received The meuble tradition as refinement and harmony in the modeling create collections of author furniture of high ebony that buy charm and value

Milano 2009
ARTIS - Premium for traditional handmade processes of quality and excellence of the wood, issued by CESTEC - Lombardy region.

Milano 2004
Chamber of Commerce Award for longest activity.

Milano 1996
Inlayed table chosen to present Cantù at the first Artistict Craft Exhibition of Todi town.

Como 1966
Loyalty prize to the employment and economics progress. Certificate of honour of the Commerce Chamber in the category 1/D - craftsmen hold art workshop for the longest period of uninterrupted activity

Firenze 1964
Trade and industry minister.
Certificate of honour at the Craft Exhibition of Florence

Roma 1933
Certificate of silver medal.
Issued by the Labor Ministry to the craft laboratory.

Bari 1931
Certificate of honour at the Levante Fair in Bari.

Milano 1894
Joined exhibition. International Worker Exhibition. Certificate of firts grade for commendable furniture building.

Varese 1871
Industrial and craftsmanship in Varese. Certificate of Gold medal.